Not Your Average Christian Music Artist!

In a world crying out for truth, Darin Browne provides a compassionate yet prophetic voice to share the Father’s love with a hurting generation.  As a Christian Musician and singer for 25 years, his worship leading is acclaimed, his music is contemporary and his lyrics are challenging.

And his message is timeless: God’s love!

christian music artist Darin Browne

Here you can learn about Darin Browne himself, his life a Christian music artist, his worship leading ministry and above all his heart for Jesus, and the lost. Read about his longstanding relationship in ministry to Aussie Evangelist Bill Newman, and how God is using these two ordinary Australians, a powerful evangelist and a passionate Christian music artist, to touch the lives of people around the world in an extraordinary way!

Follow the links to hear his songs, read his lyrics and download MP3 songs, as well as chord charts so you can play his songs as we

ll. Find out what he is doing and where he is going. Catch up on his latest projects, his family and new songs and albums about to be released.You can also download his songs on itunes…

Shine - Praise and Worship - Darin Browne


Darin- Christian Music Artist, Performer and Servant!

Darin’s unique brand of ministry as a Christian music artist is touching the hearts and lives of people in Australia and across the world, including New Zealand, South East Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States. He has a heart felt desire to see lives changed, and every year thousands come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour through recordings, articles and live performances.

He’s more than a singer; more than a visiting pastor… he’s a servant!

 Worship Leading Training

.One of the things Darin is passionate about is training young Christian music artists to be anointed worship leaders and excellent servants.  He has produced an exclusive training course designed to help both church worship leaders and Christian music artists who want to serve the Lord achieve life-changing results more easily and more powerfully..

So if you are a church worship leader or a Christian music artist with a heart to serve, check it out now!

OR, and here’s the exciting thing, Darin has released ALL OF HIS MUSIC for a limited time, TOTALLY FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Click on the image below and download album after album of Darin’s music for FREE!

Darin Browne CD Albums

Or you can Download Darin’s Music directly from Itunes (for a price) here…

Shine - Praise and Worship - Darin Browne

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